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Domain age checker is a free online web tool that helps you to determine the registration status of a domain. It shows the exact age of any domain, the registration date, expiring date, last updated date. Registrar URL Older website arguably possesses more experience to increase their credibility.

The same thing with newly registered websites or those that are registered for over a year is gradually increasing the website owner’s confidence regarding the stability of the website. Generally, the older the domain gets, the greater the possibility of getting recognized by search engines. This in turn can boost website visibility and ranking.


Have you asked any of these questions before;

How old is a website?

How can I find the age of a website?

How do I know the age of a website?

What is the age of a website?

Are you looking for a way to find out the age of a website, take for example, how old is google? Google was registered on September the 15th, 1997. Google will be 26years old by 15th of September 2023. Using our domain age checker one of the easiest ways is to determine the age of any website, the tool will help you to unlock this hidden information.


Domain Age Checker: Is Domain Age Important for SEO?

Yes, domain age is important for SEO. Google considers it as one of the important factors in google ranking. How long a domain has been on the internet is then valuable if it has valuable backlinks.

However, you should know that it's not really about how long the domain has been registered but its value is tied to its availability on google since the time google first indexed the domain and the number of backlinks it has.

This also attests to the reason why many companies prefer to buy age domains with relevant backlinks that have existed for a while on Google.


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